About CeliaSue Hecht

CeliaSue Hecht has taken a long and winding path that took her from New York to California in the 70’s, to college and around the world in the 80’s, married and divorced in Las Vegas in the 90’s, and woofin it up in California in the 2000’s. She reinvents herself and dons hats as a seminar leader, newspaper reporter, typesetter, photojournalist, travel writer, blogger and editor to PR manager very easily.  CeliaSue is the author of the popular blog Have Dog Blog Will Travel. She lives with her Polka Dot Princess (dog) Cici in Monterey, California where they enjoy sunbathing, visiting pet friendly wineries, and cooking.  Sue loves chocolate and Cici is a cookie monster. Sue’s co-author of five romantic travel guides and several e-dog travel guides. One of these days she is going to become or marry a millionaire and publish quirky romantic comedies and travel around the world in a boat.


If you would like to hire her to write or edit a project for you, check out her published works, and give her a call at 702-225-8206 or email her at pr matchmaker at yahoo.com



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