Tiny home building project: Habitat for Baby Boomers.

ok, so here’s the deal, someone is going to help me build a tiny mobile home as I have severe edema/swollen legs and feet from sleeping upright in my car and I need a solution/home asap. my dog cici is suffering, i am suffering. Last year was the worst year of my life. Breast cancer surgery, trying to survive without a home, lost the dearest person of my life for 40 years and getting robbed, scammed, several times, and more. Those are the basic gory details.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE TO WORK but so far nothing. There is an article I just wrote that will be published FINALLY on this topic and it barely will pay for a meal or two. Am working on writing a romance novel and screenplay and hope to get these done and sold. And hopefully get my WRITING CAREER BACK ON TRACK. Am very willing to work, have worked all of my life, all sorts of jobs from administrative assistant to write, editor, PR, waitress, pre-school teacher, and more. Am a very quick learner of software, one time with a tight deadline I learned a software, am smart, resourceful, creative, multi-talented, so who wants to HIRE ME?????????

For the past few months, we were living in a very old Ramblette camper from the 1970’s about two hours from Palm Springs, in a very remote area, that is now blazing hot at 119 degrees plus. with just a small window air conditioning unit and two fans, it was like sleeping in a tin can, very hot and we also had swarms of mosquitoes buzzing around. Along with that, the mobile home park is very mismanaged, to say the least. We are very grateful to have been able to live there for the past few months AND it became impossible to stay there during the summer. Thanks to Velvet and Brandon, who are sweethearts with generous spirits and hearts.

And we also have an insulated SHIFT POD tent from Christian, at Advanced Shelter Systems. We just do not have a bed to put in it nor a place to camp in it.

The SHIFT POD tent will come in handy at some point when we can get our sleeping situation taken care of. I need a portable bed, but not an air bed, due to my knee joint pain, makes it hard to sleep on that. Have not figured out how or where to get a portable bed that works for me. The closest I came is a futon bed/couch from Target, but while it is comfortable, it is not portable.



Hence, the idea of creating/building a tiny mobile home or somehow getting a small camper. With extremely limited funds of $600 a month, it is all I can do.

To do this project as quickly and easily as possible, we will need some resources that maybe you have on hand or know someone who does such as a trailer to hitch to my vehicle, 5 x 10 or something smaller, or a boat trailer 23 or 24 ft. a few tools such as a saw (circular or table saw(, staple gun, drill, liquid glue, nail guns, to use to build the home, a queen size mattress to put on the trailer inside so that i can elevate my legs and sleep lying down, plywood, door, windows, insulation, generator,  also helpful will be a camper stove, BBQ grill and hot pot, flashlight, small fridge or cooler or if anyone has a used enclosed storage trailer, horse trailer, or small camper that would be helpful, too.

We are in California (Monterey area) and there are 450+ women over the age of 50 without homes here who no one seems to care that are sleeping in cars and /or on the streets. An 83 year old lady slept in her van for three years. Despite $10 billion tourist revenue yearly, they cannot seem to find it in their hearts to house us. $13 million a year is donated to the SPCA and other animal rescue organizations. But barely chump change is donated to help ELDERLY WOMEN WITH DOGS WITHOUT HOMES. We women are not valued by society it appears and the priorities are crazy. It is fine for women to die on the streets without homes but we MUST house every dog and cat?




We are told to give up our dogs when our dogs are our family, it is NOT our dog’s fault that we are in this situation, skyrocketing rents and few jobs for older people, might have something to do with it, as well as ill health and people seem to think it is just fine and dandy that 48-56% of seniors are living in poverty and cannot afford housing in the USA-CA.


Ultimately, we would love to build other homes for other senior women, and/or create a tiny home village for Baby Boomers with dogs. Habitat for Baby Boomers.

thanks again.





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