elderly women sleep n cars

Should 50 to 90 year old women have to sleep in their cars?  Senior dogs deserve homes but senior women don’t?  This is happening in the Monterey Bay area and all over the country (see below).  what are YOU gonna do ?????

what would you do : aunt, grandma, mother, other loved one???
An 80 year old woman slept in her van 4 3 years

Women live longer, make less money and work less hours, and other factors, so now they cannot live on social security of $800 a month or less. Plus, rents have skyrocketed. Low income housing have long waiting lists. Cheap motels costs $50 a night or more. Some women cannot work, others cannot find employment to supplement.

Recently, i was told by St. Mary’s church that all they could offer was food or clothes or women can sleep in cars (No Housing resources for a 65 year old woman).

With hundreds of senior women without homes in the Monterey Bay area, this is totally unacceptable.

Studies across the US have shown a clear upward trend in the proportion of ‘older’ persons’ (aged 50-64) among the homeless population. This is a group which frequently falls between the cracks of governmental safety nets.

Houses 4 Granny NOW !!!!!


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