Where can you afford to live?




on the TV shows, Treemasters and Building Wild, you have to already own your own land, have a budget (MONEY), as well as people to help you build … that is very nice for RICH folks, but what about people without land, without funds, without credit and without a support system????


part of the point of building a tiny home is to create AFFORDABLE homes for folks who need a place to live.


There are something like five or six vacant homes for each homeless person in the USA. But who is going to donate some of these homes or repurpose those homes to accommodate the people who need a home but cannot afford one ???


We need Creative, Innovative SOLUTIONS to shelter people who need HOMES. Have a heart.




10 cities where ordinary people cannot find affordable homes


At the top of the list is Salinas, Calif., where a median-priced home rose 40% from the end of 2012 to the end of 2013, to $388,000. When rising interest rates are factored in, the income required to purchase a typical home rose by a whopping 58%.


Other places on the list are San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa, New York, Asheville, NC, Denver, CO, Eugene, OR, Tallahassee, FL, Santa Barbara, San DIego, Los Angeles, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA and Charleston, SC


,,,The problem with the most affordable cities is they tend to be less vibrant than those where demand for housing is strong and prices are rising. So while affordability may still be good in many cities, economic opportunity may be lacking.





It’s a catch 22… the places where you can find a job, you cannot afford to live. The places you can afford to live, you cannot find a job.


Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 11.06.00 PM


you can rent a tiny cabin


rent a half moon cabin, near crescent city, CA for $45 a night




you can buy one




Ask your pastor(s) and your church group to develop a village of homes and housing for individuals who need shelter… like they did in Eugene, OR





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